Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler


Sometimes I feel like I could write a novel about eyelash curlers. I have had 3 different eyelash curlers and I’ve tried countless others. I think my problem is that my eyes are very large and very round. Most eyelash curlers leave a little bit out either at the inside or the outside, or both! On a whim I decided to purchase the (very) expensive shu uemura eyelash curler. I considered it a christmas present to myself.  (more…)

Sweet Talking in September

Sally Hansen - Sweet Talker

I feel like fall is when blogging takes such a big hit; the daylight shrinks away so much faster each day, reducing photo-taking opportunity, and the school work just piles on! Thankfully, it’s my final year in university this year! To celebrate… I picked up a bottle of sally hansen complete salon manicure in Sweet Talker! Just kidding, I’m not celebrating yet, I just didn’t have a neutral nail colour in my collection, and I decided to try this one first.


The Famous Mint Julep Masque


In Canada I’ve only been able to find this masque at Sally Beauty Supply. I purchased it for a few reasons, it’s raved about as being the best low cost clay mask on the market, and also with school steadily approaching, I wanted a pre-made mask for spa days/nights. Honey masks and turmeric masks are my favorite because I can really see the benefits within a day or two, my skin tone is more even and any pimples are reduced in redness. But when I’m fully immersed in school sometimes the thought of mixing up a few ingredients is enough of a deterrent for me to not apply a mask, and then I don’t get wonderful spa-like relaxation time! I thought this product would be a perfect solution!

I purchased the larger tub for about 8$. I use a clean spoon to take the product out of the tub, I don’t want to contaminate it with my fingers! I’ve used it twice since purchasing it, and both times I used about a table spoon. It feels very cold upon application, and I have felt slight tingling. I wait until the mask starts to crack around my mouth/cheeks and then gently take it off using my hands and warm water (circular motions!).

Here are the product claims:

  • Dry up acne
  • Reduce pore size
  • Remove Blackheads
  • Relax tired muscles
  • Ease tension lines in the neck and face

And here is my “before and after”:


Before is on the left, after is on the right. I couldn’t get the lighting to be the same since the sun had gone down considerably since the first picture, but besides the obvious difference that my skin tone is completely different in the two pictures, I think the texture of my skin looks very much the same! If anything there is actually a small red dot towards the upper left of my cheek that I didn’t even notice before doing the mask, but it clearly turned into a pimple when I removed the mask. I’m not sure if it was developing anyways or if the mask drew it into a pimple faster, it cleared up within a few days though.

If I were to rate this product I would give it 4 stars, I can’t comment on the acne fighting abilities since I only suffer from occasional hormonal breakouts, but for a relaxing spa treatment it is perfect! I will definitely be using it often in the coming months (I’m not sure if it will be suitable for Canadian winters since my skin is dry), and if any spectacular results arise, I will share them!

Green Beaver Deodorant


My latest deodorant conquest is Green Beaver’s natural deodorant in the scent Citrus. I tend to shy away from lemon scented cosmetics because of the common use of lemon scents in cleaning products but this deodorant really smells like delicious lemon sorbet. I smelled all the scents available: lavender, citrus, tea tree, wild rose and vetiver, and citrus won hands down. Oddly enough no “claims” are made on the packaging of this product. By claims I mean things like “blocks odor for 24 hours straight” or “leaves no marks on clothing”. Here are the things it does claim:

  • Aluminium free
  • Paraben free
  • Propylene Glycol free
  • Vegan
  • Non-gmo
  • Not tested on animals

But how did it perform?


Biore UV Watery Essence Review


I ordered this sunscreen late… after I got my first sunburn of the year kind of late. I never used to get sunburns, I got my first one when I was about 14, and ever since then it seems I’m a little more sensitive to the sun. Previously I used Skin79’s gold BB cream which I used for about a year, before I had a blog. Then last year I purchased the Andalou Naturals BB cream with SPF 30 (review here), but as it’s expiration date came closer (and I started consuming blood orange olive oil, which smells identical to the Andalou Naturals BB cream) I wanted to try something new.


Barbie Nails


Please excuse the dry skin, I will remember to moisturize next time! The nail polish is Perfect Pink by Revlon. This is two coats of polish and one quick dry clear coat, all over a base coat. I am just in love with the colour, it might be a little bit summery, but it’s so girly in the absolute best way! (Like, I am a real life barbie doll and yes, all of my accessories are pink- type of pink)

Turmeric: Part 1


Please don’t try this if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients/have never tried them! I did a patch test of the face mask on my arm, and then on my cheek the very first time I used this mask to make sure I had no reaction, I suggest you do the same!!!

This is the miracle working face mask. Turmeric is magical… which is why there will be a part 2! Because ever since I started using this face mask, I’ve been dying to dye (no pun intended!) some plain wool with turmeric. That will be my part 2, once I get around to it (dying gets harder in the winter here because it’s impossible to hang up the yarn to dry!)

This is hands down my favorite DIY facemask. I love (love love) DIY anything, especially “beauty” treatments. Over the years I’ve tried everything (especially during childhood sleepovers with girlfriends, hello egg-yolk facemasks!). Nowadays there’s only two I stick to: this one, and plain raw honey on the face.

What this mask does:

  • Brightens the skin
  • Evens out skintone (I find it lightens my under eye circle and relieves hyperpigmentation around the mouth)
  • Help with pimples
  • Provides amazing gentle exfoliation when you (gently) rub it off with warm water
  • Gets your boyfriend to say “I can tell you’re wearing foundation today!” when you aren’t wearing the tiniest speck of makeup at all! I suppose you could interpret that as “Your face looks cakey”, but I went with the “Wow your face is flawless you must be wearing makeup!” interpretation- and I’m sticking to it!


Rimmel Lasting Finish Reviews


Throughout the years I’ve come around to red lipstick. Today it’s one of the things I wear most often. I go through phases, as I’m assuming you all do as well. Currently I don’t really wear any makeup. I wake up, moisturize and go! But if I am going to put on makeup, the first thing I reach for is a red lipstick. Sometimes I love putting on beautiful red lips with a casual t-shirt and jeans. I don’t think any other makeup makes me feel quite like the red lips do. I feel like I have the force of a thousand powerful beautiful women behind me. It makes me feel a little bit prettier, a little bit taller, and a little bit more sure of myself. And I love it.


Summer is HERE! (In my mind at least)


Today was a day off. No classes and no studying to be done! I meant to get up to sewing a pleated skirt with a plaid fabric… I’ve been designed what to sew with this fabric ever since I saw it! I finally settled on a design and created a pattern, I just need to cut and sew! A post on that will be coming up soon. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me my friends had different plans; spa day!

There’s really only one colour I ever wear on my nails… China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy! You can definitely tell it’s summer when flip flop fantasy is broken out. This colour makes me smile every time I look at my hands. It also makes me want to:

– Go on a road trip
– Dance
– Flip my hair
– Sing loudly
– Ride my bike through the fields
– Lay on the beach
– Drive down farm roads
– Sit out on the dock
– Swim in a lake
– Jump
– Eat freshly picked berries

It’s amazing how something so small as nail polish can really brighten up your day! Seriously if you haven’t tried this polish in the summer GO GET IT!

Please excuse my super messy application, it’s really hard to do a nice job on “engineering cut nails” (that’s the style I call my badly cut nails when they have to be kept short for laboratories!). Plus I wanted to snap pictures before the awful humidity ruined all that hard work!


Andalou Naturals BB Cream Review!

Picture of the tube and box. I feel like I’m the only one who has been searching all over town for a natural safe spf protection for my face! I finally decided to purchase the Andalou Naturals All-in-One Beauty Balm with SPF 30 – Tinted when I found out about it in the monthly flyer for my local health food store! The product claims [and my opinion]:

  • helps prevent sunburn [YES]
  • decreases risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun [UNSURE]
  • naturally sheer, mineral-tint colour (complements most skin tones) [NO]
  • can be worn under make-up [YES]
  • certified organic aloe vera soothes inflammation, oxygenates and hydrates, advances dermal delivery and absorption of active ingredients [UNSURE]
  • brightening [YES]
  • contains fruit stem-cells which renew, repair and regenerate the skin [UNSURE]