Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler


Sometimes I feel like I could write a novel about eyelash curlers. I have had 3 different eyelash curlers and I’ve tried countless others. I think my problem is that my eyes are very large and very round. Most eyelash curlers leave a little bit out either at the inside or the outside, or both! On a whim I decided to purchase the (very) expensive shu uemura eyelash curler. I considered it a christmas present to myself. 

It ran about 30$ canadian. It comes in a very cute, tiny white box. It took a while to find, it was tucked on the bottom shelf of a tiny mascara display in sephora. It’s the lightest and most compact of all of the curlers I have owned (two revlon eyelash curlers and a “models own” curler). It feels very lightweight but also sturdy, I am definitely not afraid to break it when I squeeze. It comes with two extra rubber pads. And… I am in love with it! It is so wide, and despite being a very shallow curve, it fits quite well around my round eyes. The curl that it makes holds for quite a long time, and you can make it last all day with the addition of waterproof mascara!


Just look at that difference! On the left is no eyelash curler, you can see all of my lashes pointing down since the picture was taken from slightly above, the lashes even cover my iris partially! On the right is when they’re curled, you can hardly see them from above (which is a good thing) because it means that from straight on…


Would you look at those lashes!? And that’s with no mascara! And I am not blessed in the eyelash department, I consider it a miracle if you can actually see my eyelashes since they are usually straight and pointed downwards!

I love this little curler. I don’t wear makeup on the daily, but I’ve  actually been reaching for it on some mornings, no added mascara or anything. I find that it just lists my eyelashes right up and makes me look so much more awake and it makes me feel better too. It’s as though there’s a little bit of happiness, propped up on every single one of those lashes, for everyone to see.

Needless to say I don’t regret my 30$.


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