The Pleated Plaid Skirt


A pleated (plaid?) skirt that hits just above the knee, some high heels and a merino wool sweater, everything a girl needs to be happy, right? I feel like I must be the only person in the world who does this, buy why oh why do I always choose a size too big? With the anya skirt, I at least reasoned with myself that the small waistband could have stretched, leaving me with a larger waist than the actual pattern. This waistband however is large and thick and sturdy, mostly due to the thick fabric (which is an unknown blend I thrifted). I have no excuse! I measured myself twice, and the skirt is too large!

This is McCalls 6706, a pattern so easy you almost don’t need a pattern! Except the pleats are on an angle to give the skirt more flare, so if you’re doing it without a pattern don’t forget to angle your pleats to give a nice fullness. I opted to just buy the pattern, I don’t know why, probably for the same reason that I purchased the anya skirt pattern, I just wanted to get right to work on the skirt without having to figure anything out! The pattern is very straightforward, the only tricky bit is making sure your pleats are neatly lined up. Which I just did an ‘okay’ job at.

From the pictures my talented boyfriend took you really cannot tell the skirt is too big. The only thing you can see is that the sweater is bunched up but I don’t think you get a sense for how thick the sweater is bunched up under the waistband! It’s a loose fit, so all the extra wrinkles in the back helped keep the skirt up! I still love the skirt, and with a thicker sweater like this one it works okay, but it is not the fitted, tailored look that I was going for.


All is not in vain however because I did learn a lot from doing this skirt, mostly about the importance of having proper markings. I had to go back once the side seams were sewn to try and mark up the pleats because my previous chalk markings had rubbed off (oops!). So next time I will mark the pleats with basting stitches. I will also add an invisible zipper next time because the bulky regular zipper prohibits the pleats in that area from meeting well (or perhaps I just executed it poorly?).



    1. Thank you for the reassuring words 🙂
      I think that’s the saddest part, when you really like a fabric but you only had enough for one garment, and you “blew it” so to speak. Not that this was a disaster project, far from it, but just not quite what I had in mind! At least I learned for next time and that’s what’s really important to me!

    1. I definitely could, but then I would have to either re-size the pleats or have one pleat that is smaller than the rest! Although I might wear it more if it fits better, even if there is a smaller pleat!

  1. The skirt looks fine on you on these photos, do not worry about it! I think errors and learning from them are an essential and even great part of learning how to sew. Also I really like having at least one slightly too big skirt in my closet for days when I am not feeling my best, it’s kind of like wearing secret pajamas while still looking well put together. I really like your blog by the way, very nice to have found it 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      I agree about mistakes and learning. I think that is my favorite thing about sewing, because even if a project is a complete failure I still gained something, even if it’s only knowledge!
      You make a good point about slightly bigger clothes feeling like pyjamas… I think it’s also nice to have loose clothing when you’re going to be sitting at a desk most of the day!
      Thank you for the nice compliment about my blog 🙂

  2. It’s a beautiful skirt but shame it’s too big. Maybe keep it in the wardrobe as a ‘just in case’ skirt and whip yourself up a new smaller one. It looks stunning!

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