Sweet Talking in September

Sally Hansen - Sweet Talker

I feel like fall is when blogging takes such a big hit; the daylight shrinks away so much faster each day, reducing photo-taking opportunity, and the school work just piles on! Thankfully, it’s my final year in university this year! To celebrate… I picked up a bottle of sally hansen complete salon manicure in Sweet Talker! Just kidding, I’m not celebrating yet, I just didn’t have a neutral nail colour in my collection, and I decided to try this one first.

Sally Hansen - Sweet Talker Bottle

It looks like a nice sheer baby pink in the bottle, but I definitely thought it’d be less opaque (I wanted visible nail lines!), and I thought it would pull warmer. I always have issues with light pinks pulling too blue on me, I find it clashes with my skin tone! This is three coats with a high gloss quick dry top coat, but the polish would have been glossy enough on its own! The brush is amazing on these bottles, it’s the same super wide brush that’s in the insta-dry line! I already have me eye on another polish from the same collection, on pines and needles!

Sweet Talker Swatch


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