A Finished Sweater


I finished the knitting for wishbone back in June, and then it sat in my “unfinished basket” until I finally got around to blocking it a month later, and then another month later I got around to seaming it. I hadn’t realized setting the sleeves would be so hard!

And after all that… I’m not sure that I’ll be keeping it! I knit the small with a slightly smaller gauge, since I have a 34” bust, and the small was 36”, but there is definitely not enough room for my large(ish) shoulders! I will NEVER be able to layer this sweater over a button up like I wanted to, there just isn’t enough room. So I have to decide if I’m okay with just wearing it on its own, or if I want to frog it and knit it again larger, or knit a different sweater with the yarn (maybe a raglan sweater), so that I can have more room to layer.

But right now, I just want to take a moment to look at these pictures, and be happy for my first sweater!





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