Month: September 2015

Sweet Talking in September

Sally Hansen - Sweet Talker

I feel like fall is when blogging takes such a big hit; the daylight shrinks away so much faster each day, reducing photo-taking opportunity, and the school work just piles on! Thankfully, it’s my final year in university this year! To celebrate… I picked up a bottle of sally hansen complete salon manicure in Sweet Talker! Just kidding, I’m not celebrating yet, I just didn’t have a neutral nail colour in my collection, and I decided to try this one first.


A Finished Sweater


I finished the knitting for wishbone back in June, and then it sat in my “unfinished basket” until I finally got around to blocking it a month later, and then another month later I got around to seaming it. I hadn’t realized setting the sleeves would be so hard!