The Famous Mint Julep Masque


In Canada I’ve only been able to find this masque at Sally Beauty Supply. I purchased it for a few reasons, it’s raved about as being the best low cost clay mask on the market, and also with school steadily approaching, I wanted a pre-made mask for spa days/nights. Honey masks and turmeric masks are my favorite because I can really see the benefits within a day or two, my skin tone is more even and any pimples are reduced in redness. But when I’m fully immersed in school sometimes the thought of mixing up a few ingredients is enough of a deterrent for me to not apply a mask, and then I don’t get wonderful spa-like relaxation time! I thought this product would be a perfect solution!

I purchased the larger tub for about 8$. I use a clean spoon to take the product out of the tub, I don’t want to contaminate it with my fingers! I’ve used it twice since purchasing it, and both times I used about a table spoon. It feels very cold upon application, and I have felt slight tingling. I wait until the mask starts to crack around my mouth/cheeks and then gently take it off using my hands and warm water (circular motions!).

Here are the product claims:

  • Dry up acne
  • Reduce pore size
  • Remove Blackheads
  • Relax tired muscles
  • Ease tension lines in the neck and face

And here is my “before and after”:


Before is on the left, after is on the right. I couldn’t get the lighting to be the same since the sun had gone down considerably since the first picture, but besides the obvious difference that my skin tone is completely different in the two pictures, I think the texture of my skin looks very much the same! If anything there is actually a small red dot towards the upper left of my cheek that I didn’t even notice before doing the mask, but it clearly turned into a pimple when I removed the mask. I’m not sure if it was developing anyways or if the mask drew it into a pimple faster, it cleared up within a few days though.

If I were to rate this product I would give it 4 stars, I can’t comment on the acne fighting abilities since I only suffer from occasional hormonal breakouts, but for a relaxing spa treatment it is perfect! I will definitely be using it often in the coming months (I’m not sure if it will be suitable for Canadian winters since my skin is dry), and if any spectacular results arise, I will share them!


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