A Short Skirt


I picked up some cute gray and black marled woven fabric at the thrift store, the fiber content is unknown, and decided to try my hand at making this skirt. The pattern is McCall’s 3923 from 1988, I sewed up view C in a size 12 with the box pleat outside instead of inside and I shortened it…. a lot. I am certain my high school’s dress code would be violated by this skirt, good thing I’m not in high school anymore!

I think if I were to sew it again I would take the waist in a little bit, this pattern is great for that since the gathered side panels allow you to take a little bit in here and there without disrupting the construction and symmetry of the garment.

I usually go for a more vintage look with my skirts, but I definitely love how much leg this shows! Here is a back view:


As you can see there’s no back pleat detail but the side back panels are also gathered, it’s a little bit hard to see here since my hands are in the pockets of the skirt, pulling it forward. Did I mention this skirt has large, deep, treasure hiding pockets? It’s quite possibly the best part!

I learned quite a few things when sewing up this skirt, and I’ve summarized them below, mostly for my benefit if I want to sew this up again, but for anyone out there attempting a similar design, these tips might be helpful!

  1. If your fabric frays a lot, serge/overcast the edge as soon as possible, I definitely wish I hadn’t waited till the end to overcast my bottom edges because by then more than a centimeter of the bottom had frayed!
  2. Even though I had made a “wearable” muslin (it didn’t turn out to be wearable), and gotten through the pockets okay, I got stuck on the pockets in my fashion fabric! This craftsy tutorial was vital in getting them to be almost invisible at the side seams.
  3. Three rows of stitches for gathers, one halfway into the seam allowance, one near the seam allowance and one outside the seam allowance. I repeat: THREE ROWS OF STITCHES FOR GATHERS!
  4. If you do a narrow hem you don’t have to ease in the fullness, but your hem shows on the outside, it’s a win-lose…

And that’s it! I’m so excited to be prancing around in my new skirt while the weather is still warm! But I think I’ll be able to style it through fall and winter too!


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