Biore UV Watery Essence Review


I ordered this sunscreen late… after I got my first sunburn of the year kind of late. I never used to get sunburns, I got my first one when I was about 14, and ever since then it seems I’m a little more sensitive to the sun. Previously I used Skin79’s gold BB cream which I used for about a year, before I had a blog. Then last year I purchased the Andalou Naturals BB cream with SPF 30 (review here), but as it’s expiration date came closer (and I started consuming blood orange olive oil, which smells identical to the Andalou Naturals BB cream) I wanted to try something new.

This sunscreen is NOT physical, it is a chemical sunscreen! Unfortunately, I don’t speak or read japanese, so I trust ratzillacosme (found here) to translate, although the premise is self explanatory based on the name of the product.

Here is what the sunscreen claims to do, and my opinion in the square brackets:

  • Prevent Sunburn [YES, I have worn this on three extremely sunny days and two overcast days without any redness or warmth in the skin at the end of the day]
  • Contains a blend of hyaluronic acid and other ingredients to moisturize and hydrate the skin [This sunscreen contains a lot of alcohol, it is the third (!!!) ingredient on the list, and I have extremely dry skin, however my dryness is not exacerbated by this sunscreen, at least not in the summer]
  • Applies like water [Clearly it doesn’t apply like water…that would be terrible! It comes out like a thin foundation, but is very liquidy on the skin and dries fast]
  • Can be used as a makeup base [Yes, but you need to let it dry and it takes more than five minutes to dry]

I only really have one gripe with the product, and that is that it doesn’t feel very gentle. It’s not a burn like some suncreens (a lot of people swear by laroche posay anthelios, but that sunscreen feels like leaving veet on my face for a day!), but it feels like an irritation. It does subside, but for this reason I avoid putting it close to my eyes (sunglasses!).

Here is my face prior to putting on the sunscreen:


And here it is immediately after applying the sunscreen (I use the recommended 1/4 tsp, or a dollop about the size of a quarter on my entire face)


Being completely honest, in photos I would not have been able to tell the difference if I didn’t explicitly write “BEFORE” and “AFTER” in the image name files. In real life, I can touch my face for a while after application and feel the tackiness, and even once dry, I can feel that there is a product on my face when I touch my face with my fingers.

Let me know what your favorite sunscreens are! I’m always looking for new ones, especially since most facial suncreens are only 50mL (like this one) and run out fairly quickly!


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