Compelling Cables


Phew. I’m alive. After going through a terrible semester (by far the worst one so far!) I’ve made it through to the other side. Unfortunately because of my hectic school schedule I wasn’t able to post much, but I did take necessary crafting breaks! The lord of the rings scarf is done, but not blocked! I can’t find welding rods anywhere around town, and it’s a bit over 6 ft long so I haven’t convinced myself to pin it yet.

Anyways, I’m here to show you today the wishbone sweater swatch! The wishbone sweater was #3 of my 2015 knit list, but I couldn’t decide between Ease and Beeline, and I didn’t want to do the Gwynedd scarf before attempting a simpler cable! So I swatched for wishbone! The picture above shows the needle size I finally chose (before blocking a swatch I’ll try different needles to get a feel for what fabric I like), and the picture below shows the blocked swatch! I was really surprised at how nicely it opened up, not to mention how almost perfectly close to gauge it was! The needles are U.S. size 6, or 4 mm, and the wool is patons classic wool in the colour aran.DSC_0828

Now I’ve been knitting away since exams ended, and will hopefully have a finished sweater to show for it soon! When I was picking out this pattern, I was super inspired by a classic cream cabled pullover over a plaid or gingham button up and jeans, so cute!

I am very excited to take some outfit photos if the sweater fits well… and if it doesn’t fit well, I’m excited to share where I went wrong!


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