2015 Knit List


In 2014 I knit (and didn’t blog about) two infinity scarves, most of a sweater (Jessa is still missing the sleeves… I will get to those) and two pairs of mittens (herringbone mitts for myself, unblogged, and the direwolf mittens for B, which I did blog about!).

In 2015 I want to challenge myself to actually contribute to my wardrobe by knitting. Of course, I still want to make a few gifts for people (Christmas 2015 I am looking right at you!), so I won’t focus my whole year on expanding my wardrobe by hand knitting, but no matter what, I have to start somewhere!

Without further ado, the 2015 knit list!

  1. Gwynedd (for my mum)
  2. I’m hesitating between Ease and Beeline (for myself)
  3. Wishbone (for myself)
  4. Graham (for now, this is for myself… but it may be gifted… I have never tried the slouch hat!)

And the fifth item, time permitting (translation: highly unlikely this will be accomplished this year)

5. Malo, for the boyfriend.

But first… I have to finished the darn lord of the rings scarf (it’s only darn because I made so many mistakes 😦 )

PS. When I took that picture, it was “so cold” (it was really only like -25) that the servo motors for autofocus stopped functioning after 15-20 minutes outside! My breath even froze all over the LCD screen! Unfortunately it was so much more beautiful than in real life than what I could capture!



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