Turmeric: Part 1


Please don’t try this if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients/have never tried them! I did a patch test of the face mask on my arm, and then on my cheek the very first time I used this mask to make sure I had no reaction, I suggest you do the same!!!

This is the miracle working face mask. Turmeric is magical… which is why there will be a part 2! Because ever since I started using this face mask, I’ve been dying to dye (no pun intended!) some plain wool with turmeric. That will be my part 2, once I get around to it (dying gets harder in the winter here because it’s impossible to hang up the yarn to dry!)

This is hands down my favorite DIY facemask. I love (love love) DIY anything, especially “beauty” treatments. Over the years I’ve tried everything (especially during childhood sleepovers with girlfriends, hello egg-yolk facemasks!). Nowadays there’s only two I stick to: this one, and plain raw honey on the face.

What this mask does:

  • Brightens the skin
  • Evens out skintone (I find it lightens my under eye circle and relieves hyperpigmentation around the mouth)
  • Help with pimples
  • Provides amazing gentle exfoliation when you (gently) rub it off with warm water
  • Gets your boyfriend to say “I can tell you’re wearing foundation today!” when you aren’t wearing the tiniest speck of makeup at all! I suppose you could interpret that as “Your face looks cakey”, but I went with the “Wow your face is flawless you must be wearing makeup!” interpretation- and I’m sticking to it!


The picture above shows the ingredients for this simple face mask, starting from the top and going clockwise:

1. 2 tbsp Chickpea Flour (besan)

2. 1 tbsp Honey, I’m using up the bottle from the grocery store, If you can, used raw honey

3. 1 tsp Turmeric!

4. 1 tbsp Natural yogurt

Mix it all together! Just a note, you may want to play with the amount of turmeric… I consider myself medium skin-toned (but forever wishing I was very pale) and I can go to about 2 tsp keeping the other ingredients at the amount I posted above. Any more than that and it stains my skin yellow! Do not leave out the yogurt! The yogurt keeps your skin from turning yellow, if you don’t have any, replace it with milk!

Here are my “pro”-tips to make this mask a fun (safe) and bathroom friendly experience:

  • Wear as little clothes as possible
  • Use a brush (I used a flat foundation brush) to put the mask on, this avoids touching taps with turmeric yellow fingers
  • If you drop some of the mask on the counter/in the sink, rinse it off immediately: turmeric will stain ceramic!
  • Avoid your eyes/nose/mouth area the first few times until you are sure you can remove the mask without getting drippage in your eyes/nose/mouth
  • Put on your favorite TV show/music album (I personally usually listen to about half of Luke Bryan’s crash my party album) and relax!

Here is my (bare, naked, allergy-ridden (seriously I sneezed about twenty times before this photo)) face before putting the mask on:



And here is my face with the mask on… be warned… this mask is YELLOW!


Are you ready?


This is going to be yellow….



It took me a while to build up the confidence to go so close to my eyes and nose. The first year that I used this face mask I never went over my eyebrows or below my nose, I wanted to avoid getting the mixture in my eyes or up my nose. Now that I know that I don’t have adverse reactions to the mask, I’m more adventurous with how I put it on my face.

I did not take an after picture. I know, for a “beauty” post, an after picture is almost essential. Unfortunately where I live daylight savings time means it’s pitch black by about four or four thirty. This mask takes about a half an hour to dry, and I like to rub it off gently using small circular motions to get the most exfoliation. My skin looks very, very, very red afterwards and takes quite a while to settle down. This is just my skin, if I applied moisturizer and took a photo it would also be extremely red. So red that I’ve applied moisturizer on my face in public before and got asked if I had a sunburn! (I didn’t)

I also sadly spent my time in my mask working on an assignment.

Let me know what your favorite ways to relax are! Mine are definitely little “beauty” treatments like this!

(In an exciting aside, the lovely lady behind CreepingThyme nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award! So I’ll be posting about that soon! Her blog is definitely a great way for me to relax, reading her posts fill me with that “I’m-comfortable-here-this-feels-just-like-my-favorite-cuddle-blanket” type of feeling? That’s the feeling I get when I read her blog! Lovely posts with lovely pictures about knitting and life!)


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