Rimmel Lasting Finish Reviews


Throughout the years I’ve come around to red lipstick. Today it’s one of the things I wear most often. I go through phases, as I’m assuming you all do as well. Currently I don’t really wear any makeup. I wake up, moisturize and go! But if I am going to put on makeup, the first thing I reach for is a red lipstick. Sometimes I love putting on beautiful red lips with a casual t-shirt and jeans. I don’t think any other makeup makes me feel quite like the red lips do. I feel like I have the force of a thousand powerful beautiful women behind me. It makes me feel a little bit prettier, a little bit taller, and a little bit more sure of myself. And I love it.

I have mixed feelings about Rimmel… I have memories of being forced to wear the lasting finish lipstick in the shade alarm for my dance recitals (which my mum vehemently opposed, she was horrified to see little girls in what she considered garish makeup).

So recently I chucked out my last tube of alarm and picked up two Rimmel lipsticks from the new(ish) collection:

1. lasting finish matte in shade 111 (kiss of life) from the kate moss collection
2. lasting finish in shade 01 also from the kate moss collection

The first picture above is 111 matte. The application isn’t the best I realize. Below is 01.


I had a lot of trouble getting the pictures to show closest to true to colour. I’m planning on taking a picture with half my lips in 111 and half in 01.

Again, 111:


and 01:


I originally thought I would wear 111 more often, it’s a bit more on the orange side, a bit more flattering to my (greenish) skintone. However the lasting power of 01 has proven to be so amazing that I reach for 01 more often than 111! I even wore 01 to a wedding (~2PM – 11 PM) and I didn’t touch up until after dinner, and even then touching up wasn’t really necessary! The lasting power of 111 is typical, you have to reapply after eating a meal. It’s also much, much more drying that 01.

In photos I love 111 more, it’s hard to find a red lipstick that has an orange base, 111 is definitely that. 01 has the typical bluish undertones that might make your teeth look great, but if you’re as olive as me it’s just not as flattering! Taking these swatch pictures made me realize how much more I love 111 than 01, hopefully I will reach for it more!



    1. Oh wow!
      Thank you so much!

      I took a look at every single other blog on your list, and they’re all so established! I can’t believe I made your list since I only have about ten posts 😛

      This is such a great way to find new bloggers/bloggers you might be interested!

      PS. I didn’t know you were into thrifting! Have you ever done posts on thrifted items?

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