Because winter really is coming!


When I first met B, a little over two years ago, he would constantly pester me to watch game of thrones (some artistic liberty is taken here… he mentioned it maybe once a month…) Since I spend so much time on ravelry (seriously, I wish that there was a website as active as ravelry in the sewing community… burdastyle just isn’t the same!) I eventually used the search pattern function to look up game of thrones patterns. I casually mentioned this to B at one point… my words sounding something like:

Me – So I saw a kind of cute mitten pattern that’s supposed to be related to game of thrones… it’s like… a direwolf or something?

B – The stark sigil!?!?!?!?! (emphasis on the exclamation, he’s not a very expressive person)

Since B’s hands are always (I mean ALWAYS) cold, and I always annoy him to wear gloves or mittens in “cold” weather (below five or ten degrees, celsius) which is about 60% of the year, I decided to knit him these wolf mittens.


He accompanied me to michaels to pick out some patons 100% wool. This was before I knew of the proximity of my LYS. We picked out dark gray and light gray marl, and I got to knitting.

So how come these are only being shared now?

Well firstly I hadn’t started a blog back then…

Secondly I just finished them this week.

I have knitted these guys not once, not twice, but THREE times, with the same yarn. In between failed attempts I moved on to different projects, which I also never blogged about (including my own herringbone mittens which B wasn’t happy about “How come you finished your own mittens but you can’t finish mine?”). The pattern isn’t hard. It’s actually really simple. I’m just extremely challenged.


Here’s a rundown of the mistakes I made in each iteration of the mittens:

1. I knitted the cuff with 3.5 mm needles, and moved to 4 mm needles for the body… I denied the mittens being too large until I ended up with a 40 cm long mitten (this seems to be a theme in my knitting…)

2. I knitted the whole mitten with 3.5 mm needles, and did the thumb in plain gray marl because I didn’t like the checker board thumb in the pattern. I didn’t leave my floats long enough so the gusset came out all lumpy, and the resulting thumb was so tight even I couldn’t fit in it.

3. I knitted the whole mitten with 3.5 mm needles and charted up a thumb gusset / thumb pattern that would match the “snowflakes” of the front of the mitten.

Here’s an attempt at making a “spread” of the mittens (my photography skills needs to improve!):




    1. Oh gosh

      They look decent because you’re seeing the THIRD set of mittens I knitted!

      The first time I switched to 4mm needles for the hand as instructed and they turned out over 40 cm long!

      I frogged… the second time I knitted them I omitted colourwork for the thumb and got floats that were way too tight so the thumbs puckered, since the gusset was also knit in one colour only I frogged again…

      And now I knit these, which I think are just right (finally)!

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