Inevitable Failures


Part of the reason I have issues writing blog posts and updating frequently (and actually why I’ve started many blogs in the past but they never went anywhere) is because I strongly dislike failure. I actually haven’t met anyone who likes failure, but I’ve met many people who deal with failure much better than I do.

Unfortunately life deals failures in many ways… Yesterday was just “one of those days”…

I’m not quite sure where it went wrong, it started off so productive, with a full hour of workout before breakfast and a high percentage of my formal laboratory report done before lunch. Then it all went downhill… Thankfully for you I’m only going to be sharing one segment of Sunday’s failures.

Read more to find out what happened to the project I started with the beautiful Briggs & Little yarn pictured above!

It actually started with the project I was going to post about yesterday, the lord of the rings scarf. Although I haven’t been very active in blogging, I have actually been knitting. I finished the body of Jessa, almost finished a pair of direwolf mittens for the Boyfriend and started the lord of the rings scarf for my brother for christmas.

I started this scarf on the drive to B’s cousins wedding. I have to blog about the outfit I thrifted and wore to the wedding, I thought it was gorgeous, plus it was hand sewn by someone! Anyways, I printed the ring text chart and the tree of gondor chart and we headed off in the car. Unfortunately we were driving pretty much straight south for 8 hours, so we never caught up with the sun, I only had a few hours to knit…. I somehow calculated that I needed to cast on 186 stitches.

You read that right.

186 stitches in sock/sport weight, on 3 mm needles.

I kept going like any other knitter. Although I actually wasn’t denying anything, I actually thought the insane width would block out to a more reasonable width.

Last week I finished the tree chart and B finally said, “You know… maybe you should just end it there and make a neckwarmer…”

Uh oh… you know it’s bad when men start making fashion suggestions… (Okay so a lot of men are actually very fashionable, but this particular man is slightly questionable in stylish affairs…)

Here is a picture of the project pre-frog, it didn’t look THAT wide on the needles… but while I was frogging it today I measured it to almost 40 cm wide…


So Sunday morning after my workout I re-read terif’s project notes. And sure enough I had doubled the amount of stitches needed to cast on. How could I be so clueless! Obviously the ring chart was supposed to be knitted IN THE ROUND. Duh! That’s what makes the motifs “rings”.

So that’s how come my planned WIP update on the scarf turned into a non-existent WIP post, and a post about failures.

Thankfully it’s all just yarn and I’m frogging now, with hopes to restart either tonight or tomorrow.

PS. B made a funny ravelry joke (he’s a keeper.) I was explaining SABLE to him, and he said, “So if you buy a sheep is that like instantly SABLE?”

PPS. I considered starting a thread on ravelry titled something along the lines of “your worst knitting nightmare – illustrated” and starting with this picture:


You’re looking at 200+ yarn ends… and there would’ve been another 200+ on the other end of the scarf! Since I’m frogging the scarf anyways, I think I’m going to be attempting intarsia in the round with wraps & turns instead of stranded intarsia…


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