Vintage Patterns [Part 2]

Can you guess which of these patterns I’ve sewn up a muslin for? You will find out in my next post, which will happen when the boyfriend helps me figure out a way to mount backdrops so that I can take full-body (or most of full-body) photos!

Now introducing the second set of patterns I purchased from the thrift store! Unfortunately there were no super cute discoveries like Linda’s set of notes & description of her dress, but I did find a few patterns I liked nevertheless. This bag contained 11 patterns! (still for $1.99!)


This pattern is one of those that I feel would look better with just the drawings…


Here is a pattern with 4 blouse variations, I really only like view 1!


A beautiful dress with long/short sleeve options and a darling peter pan collar! Unfortunately you can’t really make out the short sleeve details in the picture, but they are cute little petal sleeves! This pattern is definitely on my to-make list!


Another pattern which is better suited to drawings only! I think the drawing of view two looks very sophisticated! Especially if done in a lightweight fabric such as silk chiffon… There are just too many things wrong with the dress in the photograph1


Here is a pattern with two very distinct views! I’m not quite sure what silhouette view two is supposed to be (trapezoid?) but view 1 looks very modern-1950s to me!


The most satisfying 1970s pattern cover that there ever was… in my opinion! (Okay so maybe simplicity 9942 from my last set of thrifted patterns was more 1970s) I would really like to make the bustier top, but unfortunately the pattern is too big for me!simplicity5547

I feel like the Taylor Swift’s stylists used this pattern cover to change her hair style… does view 4 not look exactly like Ta ylor Swift’s new hair? Unfortunately I don’t see myself sewing any of these blouses!


I would have to say that this pattern (along with simplicity 9775, the peter pan collar dresses) is the reason I bought this package! The three dresses, A, C and E, would suits my wardrobe perfectly! mccalls6681

While this pattern doesn’t seem very useful… I am in love with the dress in view D! Anytime I can wear a long dress to an event I will! I love the look that comes with floor length-dresses, it’s so very ethereal and dream-like! Especially if you can wear high shoes but still walk smoothly! mccalls4605

The final pattern! Can someone please tell me if these are costumes? I have seen children wearing pinafores! But I have never seen an adult (or a teenager for that matter) wearing a pinafore! What is up with those ruffles?!

As you can see, the bagged patterns carry the inconvenience of purchasing ridiculous patterns (in my opinion, view 1 of simplicity 8403, the trapezoid, and the misses pinafores!) But I figure it works out with the low price point as long as at least one or two patterns get used!

Can you guess which pattern I made a muslin for?! (Hint: It’s not a dress, and I said in my previous post it was a top!)



  1. Ok, I had 6348 when I started sewing. My mom wouldn’t let me sew or wear the top, so I made the pants for myself! It’s like a “Time Warp”! And my prom dress had a “hippy paisley” fabric, ruffles and lace, just like 4605, view A. But I didn’t have to wear a T shirt under it. I didn’t sew it but bought it at the store. It was very fashionable! How times change!

    1. No way!
      That’s crazy! I can see my mom not letting me wear/sew the top if I wasn’t as we say in french “major and vaccinated” (I don’t know if that makes sense in english, it means fully an adult!) Although she still likes to offer her opinion on my hemlines/tops!
      I can’t imagine going to prom in 4605, it looks like an apron to me, although I’m sure someone will look at my prom dress and wonder what the heck I was thinking 😛
      Times do change, but I’m surprised by how many of the 70s-80s patterns have very on trend details, like a few of them feature peter-pan collars, cap sleeves, pleats and gathered skirts… Those are all still in style!

      1. I agree, sometimes the styles come back. I was just laughing the other day at what my younger sister wore to prom – I sort of looked like a “hippy” at my prom, but at least I didn’t have a big skirt and bigger hair like her! Funny how that works! 😀. I actually hope those styles don’t come back!

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