Month: July 2014

Moving Forward

I always find myself wanting to accomplish so many things. It doesn’t surprise me, I thrive on accomplishment. It seems strange to me that there are some things that integrate themselves so easily into what becomes my lifestyle; knitting, working out, reading and playing music. And then there are other things that I really want to do, but never seem to get around to doing. Like taking outfit pictures, makeup pictures or sewing!

I did not start my blog at an opportune time, a month ago I started “the hardest course of my bachelors degree” (according to some…) I can definitely say it’s been a hard time. Obviously during the school year there comes a time when you get overwhelmed and break down, but to have it happen in the middle of summer, while your newsfeed is filled with sun-kissed cottage selfies?! Too much! Throughout these past few weeks I’ve found myself repeatedly writing posts and not publishing them, mostly due to the lack of accompanying photos. I’ve found these posts are interspersed with tiny thoughts and feelings, almost like a diary, and that’s why I follow specific bloggers, their personality and daily lives show through their blogs, and it’s like catching up with friends. It’s such a stress relief!

Moving on, after a terrible weekend of questioning my entire career path, I woke up and decided that some things needed to change. Obviously I can’t change the fact that I may be lousy at electronics, despite my best efforts, but I can change some things. I wanted to start this blog to archive my wardrobe and style evolution and my ventures into creating pieces by hand. To give myself new motivation, I cleaned out my closet. I’m not talking “I took out a few pieces I haven’t worn in few years…” kind of cleaning. I mean, “I just bought this last week but I don’t feel beautiful in it”, kind of cleaning. As such I’ve been left with about fifteen tops, five skirts and a few pairs of pants.

I was planning to go through coletterie’s wardrobe architect series on the blog, mostly because I loved reading other bloggers introspective reflections, I though someone out there might enjoy reading mine. I finally feel ready to do it. Cleaning out my closet has given me a better feel for what style I enjoy in theory versus what style I reach for in practice.

Oh and guess what?

Jessa is almost finished. Sleeves are remaining!!