Thrift Finds


I told myself I was going to do this post today, I thrifted these items quite a while ago (upwards of a month… I had a winter coat on…) So like any determined person I dedicated myself to photographing the items. As your can probably tell by the terrible quality, I had a really hard time photographing the clothes. I’ve always had a hard time taking pictures of clothes! That is definitely one of the reasons I was hesitant to start a blog in the first place.

I took a few deeps breaths and went through my photos and chose the least-worst photos, so here it is, a long overdue collection of thrifted items! I always love looking at what other people find (and especially what they pay for it!) Keep reading to find out what I got for a grand total of 20$!

Thrifted Items

Here are the three main items, plus a pair of leather shoes which can be seen below! A sleeveless safari style button up (which to me reads JURASSIC PARK STYLE!), a white t-shirt with sweet lace neckline detail and a longchamp. Wait, what? Did I say a longchamp? Yes, I did! Is it real? I don’t know! I took a quick look online to see fake vs. real comparisons, and most things seem to check out with it being real (the flap & handles are real leather), but who cares, it’s a super cute functional bag! Scroll down to the bottom to see a better shot of the bag.

Here’s a closeup of the shoes. I recently purchased a pair of pro-keds, but I wanted some more formal loafers! Plus, who can resist a well-made leather shoe?


The bag is definitely my favorite purchase. I love (love love) equestrian style things, but I guess I haven’t blogged long enough for y’all to know that. Maybe I should do a favorite thrifted items of ever post? Among which would be three pairs of riding boots, one pair of cowboy boots and so so so many western style plaid and denim shirts.

Price Breakdown:

– Khaki Shirt: 3$
– White T-Shirt: 6$
– Leather Loafers: 3$
– Longchamp Bag: 8$

I’m going to try and do something with this post and my future posts. You should by now be able to go into the thrifted wardrobe tab of my navigation bar and see the items I’ve blogged about which are in my thrifted wardrobe. Clicking on a piece of clothing should take you to a page with pictures of outfits that use that item (if I have any), and there should be a cost + cost per wear analysis. At the end of next year I’ll gather all of that information to get a better idea of what direction I want to move my wardrobe in!

PS. If anyone has ANY tips for hanger clothing photography, please comment them below!





  1. I think most garments look best when you take a picture of a person wearing them. If you have to take pics of clothing of a hanger, it’s best to find a white wall and hang the hanger on a tiny nail. If the pictures is taken in day light you then shouldn’t have any troubles with colours etc. Also, there are some really cheap dressforms you can get which are great for taking pictures of garments that don’t look to good when they’re on a hanger.

    1. Thanks for the tips 🙂

      I agree that clothes look better when they’re being worn, but I want to save those pictures for outfits posts! Maybe I’m doing it wrong though!

      I would definitely go with the white wall but there are actually no white walls in my house!

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