Summer is HERE! (In my mind at least)


Today was a day off. No classes and no studying to be done! I meant to get up to sewing a pleated skirt with a plaid fabric… I’ve been designed what to sew with this fabric ever since I saw it! I finally settled on a design and created a pattern, I just need to cut and sew! A post on that will be coming up soon. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me my friends had different plans; spa day!

There’s really only one colour I ever wear on my nails… China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy! You can definitely tell it’s summer when flip flop fantasy is broken out. This colour makes me smile every time I look at my hands. It also makes me want to:

– Go on a road trip
– Dance
– Flip my hair
– Sing loudly
– Ride my bike through the fields
– Lay on the beach
– Drive down farm roads
– Sit out on the dock
– Swim in a lake
– Jump
– Eat freshly picked berries

It’s amazing how something so small as nail polish can really brighten up your day! Seriously if you haven’t tried this polish in the summer GO GET IT!

Please excuse my super messy application, it’s really hard to do a nice job on “engineering cut nails” (that’s the style I call my badly cut nails when they have to be kept short for laboratories!). Plus I wanted to snap pictures before the awful humidity ruined all that hard work!



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