Dying Cotton Yarn

picture2A few weeks ago during my regular thrifting trips I found 10 balls of pure white cotton yarn [for about 8$]. I put one into a skein (first time ever!) to take a few pictures of the pre-dyed colour but my skein was horrible (really horrible!) so I have no pictures! 😦 Imagine white snow, or if you have no snow, those giant jet-puffed marshmallows.picture1

So I went out and got a packet of dylon in scarlet. I’ve used this once before to tie-dye shirts for Canada day. My friend wanted a darker red, but I was convinced scarlet was going to turn out to be the brightest most Canadian red! My first was right, the shirts came out light orange/red, and faded to a beautiful coral colour. Since I had more than the recommended amount of grams for the one package of dye, I figured my yarn would come out coral. I followed the instructions for manual dying (cue sitting outside stirring a giant pot of yarn with a spoon for thirty minutes!), and this is the result!

The plan for this yarn is to make Jessa by Justyna Lorkowska in a summery cotton yarn. I’ve been hesitant to cast on ever since I finished winding up the yarn because of the modifications I want to make, but also because I’ve never knit a full garment and I’ve never knit with cotton! If anyone has any advice on knitting a garment with cotton (such as whether I should knit a smaller size and expect it to stretch out, or size up because it won’t stretch!?) it would be so greatly appreciated! As for the modifications, I would like to make the button band in the back real, so that it can actually open and close, and I’d like the neckline to be the same in the back as the front, so that I can wear it “backwards” or the way it is pictured in the pattern photos!




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